3 Email Templates for Fundraising

The best use case for Parvenu’s data is email outreach. Here are 3 fundraising templates to use.

1. Recurring Donation Request Template

Hi {first name},  

{Begin with inspirational success story}

There are {insert problem that you’re trying to solve}. While we already {solution you’re already working on}, we need your help to accomplish {new solution}.

You can help {your mission}. Your support is key in solving this problem.

Would you consider donating {amount} monthly to help us {impact}?

Your donation will have an impact on {group of people helped} and will be used to {insert accomplishment}. You can donate online here{landing page Url}, or call me at {phone number}.


{Your full name}

2. Corporate Donation Template

Hi {first name},

{Success story of recent accomplishment}

As a leader at {company}, you’re an important part of {city}. You no doubt understand the pressing need for {solution to problem in your local area}.

At {your nonprofit’s name}, our efforts to {solve problem} can’t take effect unless we have the support of everyone in our community.

I’d love to invite you to team up with us to help make a difference!

I’m writing to ask you to join us as we {solve problem}. By donating{landing page URL} you will be able to accomplish {impact}.

If you would like to sit down and have a discussion about donating time, money, or services, you can contact me directly at {number}.


{Your Full Name}

3. Volunteer Request

Hi {first name},

{Story about how other volunteers have made an impact}

Are you looking to make a similar impact on {group you’re helping} or for ways to get involved with {company name}? Consider volunteering with us! We’d like to invite you to {event}{landing page URL}.

We’ll be {insert what will be accomplished during the volunteer event} and we could really use your help!

We’re so excited to have you join our volunteer team!


{your full name}

Try these templates for yourself with a free trial for unlimited contact data including email addresses to help you fundraise.

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