6 Ways Nonprofits can Leverage Data to Drive Donations

Parvenu’s data platform allows fundraisers to get unlimited contact data including emails from Linkedin. How can nonprofits best use this data?

1. Drive Traffic to Donation Pages

Driving traffic to donation pages is typically done through social media, paid advertising and re-engaging previous donors. Acquiring new donors can be difficult for smaller nonprofits without large social media followings and Facebook and Google Ads are expensive and average $1-2 per click. Parvenu offers a cost effective alternative to reach a wide audience of potential new donors. With unlimited contact data, you can drive traffic to donation pages via email campaigns.

Automated sales outreach software such as Mailshake or Reply.io pair well with Parvenu’s data platform. Rather than a visual newsletter-like email software such as Mailchimp, Mailshake and Reply.io offer text-based emails for sales and are built for cold outreach. You can create time-based automate follow ups, personalize with text replacements such as #name# and send traffic to a donation page.  A warmed up G-Suite account can send up to 2000 emails per day and Outlook up to 1000 emails per day.

2. Identify Your Next Corporate Sponsor

Parvenu’s data platform provides both personal emails such as Gmail and Yahoo, as well as corporate email addresses. Corporations often have 3-5 focus areas that they give to and will give to any number of organizations within those focus areas. Once you’ve identified which corporations align with your cause, you can use Parvenu to get the contact information of decision makers. The decision makers for philanthropy at corporations either work in the foundation arm of larger companies, or in the marketing department at smaller companies. Operations titles can be decision makers for nonprofits as well and most executives make for good prospects.

3. Brand Building Campaigns to Grow your Social Media

Brand building campaigns are a way of introducing yourself to a new audience and letting them know about the incredible work you’re doing. Tell them a story by defining the problem and explaining how you’re uniquely positioned to solve it. Show them the impact you’ve had and ask them to follow your cause on social media or subscribe to your newsletter.

4. Recruit Volunteers

Many nonprofits rely heavily on volunteers and they are the lifeblood of many organizations. Parvenu allows you to identify new potential volunteers in your area and reach out to them to see if they’d like to get involved.

In the Linkedin Search go to People -> All Filters -> Pro Bono Consulting and Volunteering to build a list of people who would be interested in getting involved on a volunteer level with your cause.

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5. Upload Email Addresses to Facebook as a Custom Audience

Facebook allows you to take a personal email address associated with a person’s Facebook account, upload it as a custom audience and run ads to them. Many of the email addresses Parvenu provides are Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail which allows you to apply this growth hack to hand pick your audience.

6. Identify Your Next Major Donor

The average income on Linkedin is higher than on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and 41% of all millionaires use Linkedin. Perhaps your target donor doesn’t work in a specific industry, but you know contacts with Director, VP, or CxO level titles tend to give higher amounts. Linkedin allows you to identify these prospective donors. Searching by a contact’s interests is particularly useful for nonprofits and you can go to Contact Search -> All Filters -> Joining a Nonprofit Board and search for your next major donor.

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