Parvenu Product Launch: Data to Drive Donations

The Coronavirus has reshaped every aspect of our lives and charitable fundraising is no different. Nonprofits around the world are working to combat the virus by sending aid to areas most affected,

The Coronavirus has reshaped every aspect of our lives and charitable fundraising is no different. Nonprofits around the world are working to combat the virus by sending aid to areas most affected, providing meals to kids who relied on school lunches and working to help those economically impacted. Meanwhile, nonprofits impacting civil rights, cancer research, the environment and other causes have an ever-present need that doesn't stop.

The virus is fundamentally changing the way fundraising works. Fundraising events are moving online, many corporate partners are temporarily closed or operating on curbside pickup and nonprofits can find it difficult to compete for attention and fundraising dollars in this new landscape.

I believe people want to have a positive impact on the world and they will often get involved if you invite them to. I find that getting people to become a part of your cause is the easy part when you have a chance to talk to them and that the challenge for nonprofits is often more about being able to talk to enough people who share your common ideals for what the future ought to look like.

The ability to identify retailers who would have an interest in what we're saying, find their decision maker's contact information and reach out to them in a personalized way at scale has been a common need for us as well since day one as well. This has lead us to develop data science and automation as core competencies at Parvenu and this new fundraising landscape got us thinking about how we could apply what we’ve learned to help nonprofits get more people involved in their cause, find new corporate partners and recruit volunteers.

Today we’re excited to announce we’re launching a new data platform to help nonprofits fundraise. It works as a Chrome Extension to allow fundraisers and development teams to make a search targeted search on social mediaand pull in all of the contact information including names, emails, companies, social profiles, titles and location for the people in that search. Nonprofits can scale their email outreach, segment donor profiles and build highly targeted lists for fundraising, corporate partnership development and volunteer recruitment.

Social media is a powerful search engine, as people update their own profiles, ensuring the quality of the data over a static database that quickly goes out of date when people change jobs. It has powerful filtering capabilities for nonprofits, such as searching for people interested in joining a nonprofit board, interested in volunteering, or doing pro bono work. It also allows you to target specific companies and see who works at that company. With Parvenu’s Chrome Extension, you don’t need to be connected to the person to get their email address and we provide both personal emails, such as Gmail and Yahoo, and business emails, making it a powerful tool for individual donor outreach and corporate outreach.

For example, a Cleveland-based advocacy nonprofit could make this search for people in the Cleveland/Akron area, who are interested in joining a nonprofit board and have the word advocacy in their profile. Parvenu’s extension allows them to get email addresses for the 830 people in the search in 1 click. They can then reach out to local people who are already interested in their cause and invite them to get involved.

Parvenu’s data platform provides unlimited personal and business email addresses and allows you to invite your entire team to use the tool. This lets fundraisers build targeted lists, personalize and scale outreach, and thrive in this new digital-first environment.

Always be innovating.


Co-founder & CEO

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